“Eclipse Rich Client Platform” book – Revised third edition available based on Eclipse 4.4

I’m happy to announce that the revisted third edition of the Eclipse RCP book is available. It has been updated to Eclipse 4.4 and contains lots of small corrections and clarifications. The update resulted in approx. 100 more pages.

Eclipse Rich Client Platform

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Honored to become Eclipse PDE committer

I’m happy to announce that I was elected as PDE committer. This made the integration of the new png icons in PDE much easier. I plan to work on the PDE templates and improve the PDE tooling for the IDE and PDE extensions in the Eclipse Neon release.

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Welcome Dirk Fauth as a new eclipse.platform.ui Committer

I would like to welcome Dirk Fauth as new platform.ui committer. Dirk is the project lead of NatTable project and a very active contributor to several Eclipse projects. Dirk recently also won the Greatfix price and has indicated that he plans actively review contributions from the community via Gerrit.

Welcome Dirk!

See the message on the platform.ui mailing list.

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Dark Eclipse PDE got better due to Tony McCrary and his icon work

And Tony McCrary continues his awesome icon contributions, this time we managed to integrate new icons for PDE, which will look much nicer on a dark background.

For example look at the icons in the following screenshot in the forms header.

PDE icons

Thanks again Tony for doing all this work!

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Kudos to Tony McCrary for his Eclipse JDT icon work

Tony McCrary continues his awesome icon contributions.

This time he managed to re-create the JDT icon set so that the JDT icon look good on a dark background. This work started in January 2014 (!!!) and as the JDT developer are under a high pressure, Tony even generated a gallery to compare the old gif and the new png icons to make the review easier for them.

On the left you see the old gif icons, the right are the new png icons.

JDT icons

JDT icons

See JDT icon work Bug for details.

Many thanks from me personally and the platform.ui team to Tony.

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Buildship on the mission to Mars


Gradleware decided to implement their own tooling solution for building project within the Eclipse IDE and the Buildship project was born.


Since march there are currently 123 commits on the master branch of the GitHub project, which can be found here: https://github.com/eclipse/buildship

We from the vogella company will be working together with Gradleware and hopefully many other contributors as well.

Therefore we started a new tutorial concerning the Buildship project, which will be constantly updated, when new features will be available. See http://www.vogella.com/tutorials/EclipseGradle/article.html
Detailed information can also be found on GitHub: https://github.com/eclipse/buildship

Here is a little impression for you:


As I already “println” in the build script, please help us by contributing to the Buildship project. So make your hands dirty, read the tutorial and give the Buildship project a try.

I’d also like to quote Wayne Beaton (Blog entry concerning Buildship):

Great Fixes for Buildship will qualify for the Great Fixes for Mars Skills Competition!



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Welcome Andrey Loskutov as a new eclipse.platform.ui Committer

I would like to welcome Andrey as new platform.ui committer. Andrey is a very active Eclipse tools developer who maintain popular Eclipse tools like the Eclipse Findbugs plug-in and AnyEdit. And now is is already the second most active developer of platform.ui takeling a bunch of critical and difficult issues.


Welcome Andrey!

See the message on the platform.ui mailing list. See also Andrey blog post about this topic.

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Identifying the GTK version your Eclipse IDE is using

To identify which GKT version your Eclipse IDE under Linux is using go to Help -> About -> Installation Details and select the Configuration tab. Look there for
org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.version property. You can also use the “Copy to Clipboard” button so that you can copy the details into a text editor to search for it.

In my case it shows: org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.version=3.12.2 which obviously means that I’m using GKT3.

Thanks to Alexander Kurtakov for the tip.

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Gerrit build trigger for eclipse.platform.runtime active

Based on an idea from Brian de Alwis, we (the Eclipse platform.ui team) were able to activate our Gerrit build trigger for eclipse.platform.runtime.

This means we now get build validation for the runtime component and that we can start including your tests into the Gerrit build trigger run. This hopefully accelerates the Gerrit review process for contributions, as the basic technical validation is done by Gerrit.

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Dealing with whitespace legacy in Eclipse projects

One of most annoying things during Gerrit reviews are “unnecessary whitespaces” change discussion. This applies for the contributors and the reviewers.

As we in the Eclipse platform.ui project currently see a flow incoming Gerrit reviews from various people, I want to minimize these issues to keep everyone involved in this process happy. Therefore I started to cleanup the existing whitespaces and a activate the save actions on the project to avoid the creation of new whitespace.

If you also would like to do this use Source -> Clean-up on your source folder and activate afterwards the “Remove unnecessary whitespace” save action via the project setting.

Eclipse can be instructed to ignore these changes in its blame annotations via the “Ignore whitespace changes” preference setting in Team -> Git.

With these changes you bite the bullet once but afterwards the Gerrit review process becomes much more enjoyable.

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