Book review: Beginning JSP, JSP and Tomcat Web Development

The book “Beginning JSP, JSP and Tomcat Web Development” targets to deliver a complete introduction into the topic of webdevelop. The target of the book is ambitious, it tries to explain the handling of SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JSP, JSP, tomcat and SOAP.

The first 250 pages deliver an example application using different development approaches. The first one uses pure JSP while the second introduces Java Server Faces. The remaining approx. 170. pages serve as an appendix for the various topics, installation, HTML, JSP, SQL, JSF and Eclipse as a tool.

My overall impression of this book is divided. While I enjoyed the example application with JSP and JSF the chapters about HTML and Database as well as XML did not really contain anything new to me. The author also explain standard Java from page 25 to 32 a part which is definited misplaced in such a book. I doubt that a Newbie to Java would by a book with this title.

Summery: A good overview book, especially if the all mentioned topics (SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JSP, JSP, tomcat and SOAP.) are new to you. If you already experience with some of these topics then I suggest to look for another book.

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