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JFace Databinding

I found this nice wiki for Databinding in Eclipse JFace Databinding

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Ganymede improves the quick fix

This is truely helpful. Ganymede supports now a correct quick fix for the new operator.

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Ganymede Quickaccess of Projects / Folders / Packages / Methods

Ganymede merges (a bit) the Java Browsing Perspective into the normal Java perspective. From the Java Editor you can now see for example the methods in this class.

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The Spring Framework

After reading about the the SpringSource Application Platform which is OSGI based I decided to have finally a look at the Spring Framework. My first attempts to use the dependency injection (DI) is documented here: The Spring Framework – Dependency … Continue reading

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Ganymede Updates

Eclipse Ganymede shows additional info for resources in a different color. This is really helpful to identify the important information. This is the Europa Look: This is the Ganymede Look:

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Fantastic graphics

Have a look at the following Eclipse RCP application: Cool graphics. I need to have a look at the source code to see how he does these and the map integration.

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I read today about CruiseControl a tool for schedule automatic build using ant. Homepage CruiseControl Homepage The pragmatic bookshelf has an example in the book Pragmatic Project Automation which can be found here: Pragmatic Book Shells I believe this is … Continue reading

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Eclipse Ganymede M7 Package available

Finally the Eclipse Ganymede M7 Packages are available for download. Download site

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Javaone 2008

As far as I have heard the Javaone 2008 didn’t presented anything amazing. Some take about JavaFX but nothing really new in the rest of the Java space. Did I miss anything there?

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Link for source code examples

Here is the link to get the source code of my examples. As posted earlier the list of source code example is not complete, drop me an email if you need a specific example code. Source code