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Hacking the javac compiler

Awesome article about hacking the javac compiler from Alexander Hristov: Hacking the javac compiler I describes how to compile the javac compiler and (thats the cool part) how to add an additional operation (#) to the compiler.

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Articles from Brian Goetz – Performance articles

Brian Goetz is one of the performance experts in the Java area. Find his articles here Brian Goetz Publications I believe the following articles are very good: Managing volatility Introduction to nonblocking algorithms Immutable objects Dynamic compilation and performance measurement

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Google App Engine – First impressions

I must say that I’m impressed. I just ran through the google app engine tutorial Google App Engine Tutorial and creating an application there is really easy and self-explanatory. The result can be seen here: My first Google App Engine … Continue reading


Software rights

A few links in german around the ownership of code: Des Arbeitgebers Code Rechtsstellung von angestellten Software-Entwicklern

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JavaFX plugin for Eclipse

We have now a JavaFX plugin for Eclipse JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse Update: Really cool JavaFX examples can be found here JavaFX Samples. Perhaps I should reconsider using JavaFX…

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Back from Devoxx 2008

I just come back from devoxx 2008 . The trip was worthwhile. I especially liked the talks of Joshua Bloch, Mark Reinhold, Peter Kriens, Brian Goetz and Alex Buckley, Doug Tidwell and Bill Venners. All of them demonstrated deep knowledge … Continue reading

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Web beans overview

Gavin King’s Introduction to Web Beans

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Scala Intro

Scala Introduction