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Introduction to Eclipse RCP – Mannheim (Germany) on 22.04.2009

In case you are in the area, I’m delivering a introduction to Eclipse RCP at the JUG Mannheim on 22.04.2009. The presentation is planned to be in German. Details of the event can be found here: JUG Mannheim

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Eclipse Workspace Location – Where is my current workspace located?

If you start Eclipse with the -startLocation flag (eclipse -showLocation) then the titlebar of Eclipse will display your current workspace location. (This is taken from a resent post in the eclipse.newcomernewsgroup)

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Using Eclipse Java Compiler Errors/Warnings – Improving your code quality

If you want to setup a more restricted development environment to create Java code with higher code quality, have a look at the Eclipse preferences settings under Java -> Compiler -> Errors/Warnings. Here you can define how the Java compiler … Continue reading

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Eclipse WTP – Deployment location of the local Tomcat

If you ever wondered where Eclipse WTP deploys your web application during development (if you use the local server option in Eclipse) you find the result of your deployment under: Workspace-> .metadata -> .plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\ and then tmp[number]\wtpwebapps\project name Update for … Continue reading

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Quick Fix – Type conversion for instanceOf

I just realized that Eclipse provides a quickfix for the type conversion after an instanceOf check. This is so helpful as it save this annoying typing. What a wonderful tool!

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Eclipse: Filter / Exclude certain packages during “Organize Imports”

The Eclipse “Organize Import” Feature (Cntr+Shift + O) allows to automatically import the packages which are used in a program. If there are several options Eclipse suggests all available classes and the user has to select the right one. If … Continue reading

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