Will this project ever get done? – Eclipse Nebula – Gantt Chart

A Gantt Chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule.

The Eclipes Nebula project provides a powerful UI for displaying a Gantt chart.


To use the Gannt chart you have currently to get the source code from cvs. Unfortunately Nebula does currently not provide binaries for this chart. Check here to see how to get the source code. Check out here the project “org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.ganttchart”.

Create a new Eclipse RCP application “de.vogella.ganttchart.test” using the template “Eclipse application with a view”. Add a dependency to “org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.ganttchart”.

Change the View.java to the following.

package de.vogella.ganttchart.test;

import java.util.Calendar;
import java.util.GregorianCalendar;

import org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.ganttchart.GanttChart;
import org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.ganttchart.GanttEvent;
import org.eclipse.swt.SWT;
import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite;
import org.eclipse.ui.part.ViewPart;

public class View extends ViewPart {
	public static final String ID = "de.vogella.ganttchart.test.view";

	public void createPartControl(Composite parent) {
		GanttChart ganttChart = new GanttChart(parent, SWT.MULTI);
		Calendar start = GregorianCalendar.getInstance();
		Calendar end = GregorianCalendar.getInstance();
		end.add(Calendar.DATE, 5);
		new GanttEvent(ganttChart, null, "Event_1", start, end, start, end, 0);
		start = GregorianCalendar.getInstance();
		end = GregorianCalendar.getInstance();
		start.add(Calendar.DATE, 6);
		end.add(Calendar.DATE, 8);
		new GanttEvent(ganttChart, null, "Event_2", start, end, start, end, 0);

	 * Passing the focus request to the viewer's control.
	public void setFocus() {

This results in the following.

For further usage of Gannt Chart have a look at the class GanttTester in the cvs download.

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  1. akm says:

    Hey, auf der Suche nach einer Gantt-Trac-Mylin Integration bin ich gestern auf das Nebula-Widget gestossen und mich gefragt, wie ich das wohl installieren und testen kann. Und heute finde ich gleich diesen Topic!

    Genau DAS RICHTIGE! Danke, Lars! Ihre Artikel sind wie immer eine immense Hilfe für mich! Weiter so!

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