Collection of Java related Podcasts

The following is a list of my favorite Java and Java related Podcasts. Please feel free to suggest additional Java podcasts.

Java Podcasts:


Most likely the best known Java podcast is Javaposse which can be found on this podcast Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Dick Wall and Joe Nuxoll discuss the news around Java and the Java Virtual Machine and perform interviews with the key player in the Java world. They also cover news about Scala.

This podcast is in english.

Eclipse live

Eclipse related web seminars and podcasts can be found on .

Theses podcasts are (mainly) in english.


Spanish podcast around Java technology and Java news can be found

This podcast is in spanish.

Les cast codeurs

French podcast around Java technology and Java news can be found at

This podcast is in french.

Java related (covering also other topics)

Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio performs interesting interviews with the technical stars from different programming areas (including Java technology). They also have sessions there they explain on a starter level technology for example “what is database”.

This podcast is in english.

IBM Developerworks

IBM developerworks features mainly interviews about all kinds of topics including lots of Java and JVM related informations.

This podcast is in english.

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8 Responses to Collection of Java related Podcasts

  1. Daniel Milosevic says:

    Thanks for the links!

  2. Bill says:

    Java World – English

    Inside views on essential and emerging Java technologies from the developers shaping the future of the Java platform.

  3. Lars Vogel says:

    @Bill: Are they still making new episodes? I haven’t see something new from them in a while and I assume they stopped.

  4. Hayden Jones says:

    There’s also…

    1) Illegal Argument (a discussion by three Kiwi JVM developers)
    2) NetBeans podcast (which just had their 50th episode after a long hiatus)

  5. Bill says:

    June was the last one. I am not sure if they are done or just slowed down.

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  7. Lars Vogel says: is also a very good Java technology related podcast. They only have three episodes out, but the content is promissing.

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