TweetHub – Eclipse ECF Twitter client

Eclipse ECF is a framework for supporting the development of distributed Eclipse-based tools and applications.

With the Galileo release Eclipse ECF provides also a nice Twitter client TweetHub. TweetHub is an Eclipse RCP application for communicating with Twitter.

It took me a while to gather the right information to make TwitterHub work. So I thought it might be helpful to blog about it so that this might be easier for others.

First you need to install the ECF SDK via the update manager from

To install TwitterHub you need to download the code from cvs. The cvs connection string is:

To learn how to use cvs see Eclipse cvs access.

Check-out the following plugins from the cvs location:



This should be sufficient. You should now be able to run the product.


So now you can use TwitterHub to follow me on Twitter. 😉

I would like to thank Marcelo Mayworm who helped on in the newsgroup.

Additional links:
ECL New and Noteworthy
TweetHub wiki .

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9 Responses to TweetHub – Eclipse ECF Twitter client

  1. Scott Lewis says:

    Thanks Lars for blogging about TweetHub. We are working on build/deploying and updatesite/p2 repo for TweetHub as per But thanks again for blogging about it…it is appreciated. Actually, if you are willing, it might be a good idea to put this content into a wiki page off of If you have a bugzilla account you should be able to add this now. Again thanks.

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    Thanks Scott. has been been opened by me; I think it would be helpful to be able to download the product directly.

    I edit the wiki page; I believe a link to the blog post might be the easiest. Wikis and screenshots are not close friends in my opinion.

  3. Matthias says:

    Hey there,

    so is this an Twitter Application integrated into Eclipse or what? So I can Twitter from within Eclipse, while coding?

  4. Lars Vogel says:

    @Matthias It is an RCP application therefore you should be able to run it also directly in the Eclipse IDE.

  5. A.S. says:

    The cvs path doesn’t exist!

  6. a says:

    i cant connect to the cvs repository

  7. Lars Vogel says:

    I suggest to check the wiki for updates.

  8. bogenfreund says:

    Hi, I would like to try Tweethub, but I also cannot connect to the CVS repository. The wiki also does not help; any clues?

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