Using Fast Views in Eclipse RCP

In Adding the error view to RCP application one commenter asked how he could add a view as a fast view to an Eclipse RCP application.

To add views as fast view to your RCP application you have to do two things:

1.) Add your view as “fast” via the perspective extension point


2.) Activate the FastViewBar via the ApplicationWorkbenchWindow Advisor (configurer.setShowFastViewBars(true);)

package de.vogella.test;

import org.eclipse.ui.application.ActionBarAdvisor;
import org.eclipse.ui.application.IActionBarConfigurer;
import org.eclipse.ui.application.IWorkbenchWindowConfigurer;
import org.eclipse.ui.application.WorkbenchWindowAdvisor;

public class ApplicationWorkbenchWindowAdvisor extends WorkbenchWindowAdvisor {

    public ApplicationWorkbenchWindowAdvisor(IWorkbenchWindowConfigurer configurer) {

	public ActionBarAdvisor createActionBarAdvisor(IActionBarConfigurer configurer) {
        return new ApplicationActionBarAdvisor(configurer);
	public void preWindowOpen() {
    	IWorkbenchWindowConfigurer configurer = getWindowConfigurer();
    	configurer.setInitialSize(new Point(1024, 800));
		configurer.setTitle("Network Analyser");

This should be sufficient to show your view in your RCP application in the fast view pane.

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