Eclipse PDE templates – Your action is my command

The Eclipse PDE templates are fantastic to help people to learn the platform and to get oven the first initial resistence to start with Eclipse RCP or Eclipse Plugin development.

Templates indicates to their consumers that they represent best development practices. This puts a certain burden on the quality to the templates. Unfortunately the PDE RCP templates in Eclipse 3.5 were all based on actions which I believe are superseded by Eclipse Commands.

I have seen in the past lots of questions regarding actions in the Eclipse RCP and PDE newsgroups. I believe that at least some of these questions are based on the fact that the PDE templates still promote actions.

I’m therefore happy to see the changes of Bug 265231 applied for the “RCP with a view” template for the upcoming Eclipse 3.6. Special thanks for this to Chris Aniszczyk.

It also looks good for the mail example. It seems that work is happening in Bug 253105

Actions are (a little bit more) dead. Long live the command! 😉

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