KDE on Windows

I have to use Microsoft Windows on my laptop due to several required applications which only run on Windows. Due to this fact I lost a little bit sight of KDE over the last years.

While reading a blog post about the latest KDE 4 isn’t too bad after all I remembered that the KDE project started a port of the major KDE applications to Windows a few years ago.

It seems that this project is very active and is producing impressive results.

KDE on Windows

They even have an installer for Windows.

Windows Installer for KDE

Unfortunately when I tried to use KNode I received a memory error. For details please see the KNode Bug report .

But I assume that solving this issue will only be a matter of time and that soon I’ll be able to use the powerful KDE Personal Information Manager (PIM), e.g. Kmail, Kalendar, KNode, on Windows.

Many thanks to the KDE team!

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