Fresh (and free) icons for applications

I always use the Eclipse icons for my applicatons. Recently one of my users complainted that my icons look “oldisch”….

I quick call for help via twitter returned the following sites which provide free and fantastic looking icons.

Thanks to everyone for the links. Hope this helps also others to spice up their applications. 😉

(Disclaimer: Of course these icons are not specific to Eclipse and could be used in other applications as well)

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6 Responses to Fresh (and free) icons for applications

  1. ekke says:

    I’m using icons from these sites only to demonstrate demos or so.
    problem in ‘real’ business applications is that you shouldn’t mix icons from different sources, because they look different, use other colors etc.
    my customers normaly choose one large set as base
    (eclipse, open office) and let missing ones design by a agency to fit into the theme/style
    or they design all from scratch to have a unique LnF.

    two useful sites:
    icons from eclipse:
    icons from open office:


  2. Thijs says:

    I use the pinvoke icon set in our RCP application, one of the best icon sets I’ve used. It’s updated frequently and contains 16×16 icons.

  3. admin says:

    @Thijs: pinvoke looks very good. Thanks you for the link.

  4. kk says:

    Under what is license are the eclipse icons available? EPL?

  5. Lars Vogel says:

    @kk I believe so, but I’m not an licence expert…

  6. Daniel Milosevic says:


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