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Thanks for 2009

I would like to thank everyone for a fantastic 2009. I had a blast; privately as well as within the Java and Eclipse community. I’m looking forward for 2010! 🙂

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Browser Tales – Java to JavaScript and vice versa with the SWT Browser Widget

The SWT Browser widget makes it very easy to run HTML and JavaScript within Eclipse. This widget encapsulates a browser (system dependent) into a SWT widget. The following screenshot is from the second example below. This example is based on … Continue reading

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Eclipse 3.6M4 – Tiny nice things

I personally believe that little things make a difference. Eclipse 3.6 is going to be great for new (and perhaps also for experienced) plugin and RCP developers. Especially I like in the Eclipse 3.6M4 release: -consoleLog included per default in … Continue reading

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Evolving EMF Models

I recently wanted to evolve one of my EMF models. I started writting Java code for translating the EMF model and tweeted about this. Seems like their are several very good options available for translating EMF models: XSLT together with … Continue reading

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Re-using the Eclipse proxy preference settings in your Eclipse RCP application

The following demonstrates how to re-use the Eclipse proxy preferences in an Eclipse RCP application. Create a project “” and select the “RCP application with a view” as template. Add the preferences command to your application. See Eclipse Preferences Tutorial … Continue reading

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Eclipse Democamp Bay Area – OpenSocial Gadgets – Slides

My slides from Eclipse Democamp Bay Area about “Eclipse, the web and OpenSocial Gadgets” are available online. I tried to be coding heavy, so there are only a few slides. Eclipse, the web and OpenSocial Gadgets It was a fun … Continue reading

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Defining menu entries (commands) at runtime in Eclipse RCP

A common question I receive is how menu entries can be defined at runtime in an RCP application. The following gives an example how this can be done. Create the RCP project “de.vogella.rcp.commands.runtimecommands” using the “Hello RCP” template. Define a … Continue reading

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