Eclipse 3.6M4 – Tiny nice things

I personally believe that little things make a difference. Eclipse 3.6 is going to be great for new (and perhaps also for experienced) plugin and RCP developers.

Especially I like in the Eclipse 3.6M4 release:

-consoleLog included per default in a new launch configuration
RCP with a View

I believe the solution of Bug for -consoleLog will solve the most common problem with getting started for new Plugin / RCP developers. Also the update of the PDE RCP templates will hopefully guide new developers in using commands instead of actions.

The change in Bug for -consoleLog was also a community decision, which is a good example that Eclipse does consider user feedback.

Thanks to all involved parties and the Eclipse community for these changes. 🙂

Update Unfortunately Mail Template was not part of M4.

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  1. Feel free to file bugs against the PDE team, especially the templates.

    We like when it comes with patches 😉

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