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Getting the Eclipse Build ID

Eclipse Bugzilla ask you for your Eclipse Build ID. As I learned from Paul Webster in Bug 300260 you can use the following to put this build ID into the clipboard: CTRL+3 cbi (Copy Build Id) Seems like Eclipse has … Continue reading

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Google the location of a plugin in Eclipse cvs

If you want to find the cvs location of a certain Eclipse plugin you can use Google site search using site:””. For example if you are looking for the cvs location of the plugin “” you can run the following … Continue reading

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Google App Engine – Low level API for storing objects

Google App Engine for Java permits three ways of storing your data: JDO, JPA and the low-level API. All data is ultimately stored in Bigtable. This blog post will give a little example how you can store data via the … Continue reading

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I received the feedback that my overview pages are difficult to read. I recently spent some time to enhance the usability of Before the change the page looked like this: I introducted now sub-categories which are used to structure … Continue reading

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Eclipse e4 tutorial – Update

I had several l requests to update Create your first Eclipse e4 application to the latest changes. I have written an updated version of this description Eclipse e4 tutorial. It should be compliant with the Eclipse e4 Milestone 3. Like … Continue reading

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TreetableViewer Example

In regards to my JFace Table Tutorial I got the question how to create a TreeTableViewer in the vogella Google Group . Friedmut Hill was kind enough to point to the following Wiki entry with TreeTableViewer example which gives a … Continue reading

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