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In regards to my JFace Table Tutorial I got the question how to create a TreeTableViewer in the vogella Google Group .

Friedmut Hill was kind enough to point to the following Wiki entry with TreeTableViewer example which gives a very nice and concise example.

Thanks to Friedmut for sharing this information!

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5 Responses to TreetableViewer Example

  1. Tom Schindl says:

    There are a bunch of example for the complete viewer-framework as part of the snippets project. Which are shown on this wiki-page: Probably a community member could take screenshots and upload them so that people can see what the snippet is about

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Tom Thanks for the link. As far as I could see for TableTreeViewer there is only an outdated “Snippet032TableTreeViewer” example available on this wiki.

  3. Then it sounds like a perfect opportunity to contribute a new or updated snippet 😉

  4. Tom Schindl says:

    There are many snippets using Tree with multiple columns e.g. Please note that TableTree and TableTreeViewer are deprecated framework classes and one should always use a TreeViewer inconjunction with TreeViewerColumn

  5. Lars Vogel says:

    @Tom. Cool & Thanks, I didn’t see this example

    I added a screenshot to to make it easier for others to identify this example.

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