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Presentation Zen

A while ago I read the book “Presentation Zen” from Garr Reynolds. Garrs website can be found at Presentation Zen . I must thank Oliver Gierke for the recommendation of the book. The advice this book gives is actually very … Continue reading

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Podcast from Dan Ariely “Predictably Irrational” and OpenSource

Dan Ariely is the author of the book “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions” and discusses in this podcast his theories under the content of OpenSource with Dan Bricklin. This is an older podcast, but well worth … Continue reading

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Knights of the round table – Eclipse committer election

Eclipse Committer Election is starting as of 22. Febr. This is the first year I’m allowed to vote therefore I’m thinking what should guide my vote. I recently read the book The Art of Community from Jono Bacon. Jone speaks … Continue reading

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Debugging Eclipse e4

Eclipse e4 has sometimes the tendency to do thing differently then expected. For example the modeled workbench may not show certain UI elements. In this case it is difficult to find out what is wrong. This blog post tries to … Continue reading

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Apache Tomcat 6.0 Server Unable to Start

I occasionally have problems with starting Tomcat from Eclipse. Eclipse WTP gives me the message: Server Tomcat v6.0 Server at localhost was unable to start within 45 seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the timeout in the … Continue reading

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Create an Android Twitter client

Marko Gargenta has recently send around a couple of blog posts from Serete Itebete about how to build your own Twitter Application for Android. The blog posts require some knowledge about Android development therefore if you are new to Android … Continue reading

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Checking out EGit source code with EGit

Git and EGit are getting popular. In case you want to start hacking on EGit this will give you some hints. First install EGit following this guide EGit Tutorial. First you need a few libraries from Orbit via cvs. The … Continue reading

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Using Java libraries (jar’s) in Android applications

To use a Java library inside your Android project you can create a folder, e.g. “lib” and place your jar into this folder. Then right-click the jar and select “Build Path” -> Add to build path. Of course you should … Continue reading

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Integrating Twitter via Java

This you want to integrate to Twitter from Java you can use the following library JTwitter. Try out the twitter integration with the following coding: Another Java Twitter Library is Twitter4J.

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How can I use a Java jar file in a Grails application?

After banging my head against the wall in trying to find out how I can use Java class in a Grails application I found out that the solution is embarrassing simple. Just create a jar file from your Java classes … Continue reading

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