Knights of the round table – Eclipse committer election

Eclipse Committer Election is starting as of 22. Febr. This is the first year I’m allowed to vote therefore I’m thinking what should guide my vote.

I recently read the book The Art of Community from Jono Bacon.

Jone speaks about the concept of Meritocracy.

A meritocracy is a system of governance in which its members are given responsibilities and recognition based upon achievements, merit, and talent. Those who are part of a meritocracy (such as in the Ubuntu and other open source communities) can make tremendous advances in respect and responsibility by simply doing good work. In these communities, money, class, and family connections have little or no impact on the ability to progress and build a reputation.

I believe that is an excellent concept and my vote will be guided by this principle. For an excellent summary of the committer project activities please see the How active is your-Committer blog entry from Ed Merks.

In addition to the involvement of the candidates in Eclipse projects I will also consider their community activity and attitude in the other Eclipse channels, e.g. their twitter activity, blog posts, email, etc.

I’m looking forward to the election; I think we have lots of great candidates.

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  1. I hope that more committers vote this time around. I plan on blogging next week to make sure committers rock the vote.

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