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Eclipse e4 EclipseCon tutorial – Slides are online

On behalf of Tom Schindl and Kai Toedter I uploaded the Eclipse e4 tutorial slides. Eclipse e4 Tutorial – EclipseCon 2010 View more presentations from LarsVogel.

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The Ghost in the shell – Transparency

I recently re-read the post Creating a Notification Popup Widget from Emil Crumhorn. Using the alpha functionality you can get a nice effects, e.g. a ghost shell. For example put the following into your View code into the method createPartControl() … Continue reading

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Going plugin (from an OSGi bundle)

The Eclipse plugin creation wizard allows to create OSGi bundles or Eclipse plugins. The most notable difference is that the PDE plugin editor does not show the extension tab. I recently wanted to use an plugin extension in a project … Continue reading

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One of a kind – Generating UUID with EMF

Eclipse EMF provides the functionality to create universally unique identifier as described in A Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) URN Namespace To use this functionality just add a dependency to “org.eclipse.emf.ecore” to your plugin and you can start using it. For … Continue reading

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Eclipse e4 New look and feel – A round the tab world

Eclipse e4 M4 has introduce a new look and feel for the tabs in the workbench. See Eclipse e4 M4 New and Noteworthy. Unfortunately the news and noteworthy document did not give information how to enable this feature. The e4 … Continue reading

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10 golden rules of asking questions in the OpenSource community

Based on my tutorial website I frequently receive questions from users. Some are very nice, precise, encouraging and some are of perceived bad quality. I also ask lot of questions in the Eclipse community and I try to ask good … Continue reading

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Slideware – Finding pretty pictures and images for presentations

Since recently I try to deliver presentation with more visual effects based on the Presentation Zen approach. Of course one of the problems is to find nice pictures. I’m aware of the following sites: stock.xchng Flickr Thanks to Florian Heidenreich … Continue reading

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The problem is choice – My focus topics for the remainder of 2010

There are lots and lots of exciting technologies available. Programming languages like Scala, Groovy, JavaFX, C# and frameworks as Spring, Grails, Lift, and lots more. Even within one area, for example the Eclipse framework, there are a legion of frameworks … Continue reading

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