The problem is choice – My focus topics for the remainder of 2010

There are lots and lots of exciting technologies available. Programming languages like Scala, Groovy, JavaFX, C# and frameworks as Spring, Grails, Lift, and lots more. Even within one area, for example the Eclipse framework, there are a legion of frameworks and projects which allow make things easier.

In my blog entry Predictable Irrational I discussed already that people have a tendency to leave too many options open. Having too many options open can be harmful as it prevents someone from putting focus into something. Unfortunately I’m not an exception to that tendency.

I decided that I should select 5 things for 2010 which I would like to have place a focus upon. This doesn’t mean that I won’t do anything else but I would like to define certain focus topics which I would like to gain knowledge about.

Ok and here is the list:

Eclipse with focus on Eclipse e4
Hadoop / MapReduce
Google App Engine

Even though these are still big areas it is less then what I’m currently have on my list of things.

So why did I selected these topics?

Android is a fun platform and has a amazing programming interface which is intuitive, easy to use and fun. GWT is just to good to be ignored and the GAE provides such an easy mechanisms to host web application that I have to continue to use it.

Hadoop and distributed computing are clearly the future for the most interesting problem solving approaches. Hadoop might also provide a solution of the the usage of multi-core machines.

Eclipse, Eclipse e4 and the whole Eclipse community is very deeply implanted in my heard therefore I have to stay in this area. In addition I’m still highly influenced by the book “Pragmatic programmer” and I still believe that the advice “Know your tools well” is one of the best advices I have ever heard.

Which technologies do you think will be most relevant for you in this year?

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