Eclipse e4 EclipseCon tutorial – Slides are online

On behalf of Tom Schindl and Kai Toedter I uploaded the Eclipse e4 tutorial slides.

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2 Responses to Eclipse e4 EclipseCon tutorial – Slides are online

  1. Max Bureck says:

    In the slides I saw this piece of code:
    private void setSelection(@Optional @Named(IServiceConstants.SELECTION) Contact contact) {
    Is there a particular reason why you use @Named and constants defined in an interface instead of creating qualifier annotations?
    @Selection would be shorter than @Named(IServiceConstants.SELECTION). And to quote Josh Bloch: “The constant interface pattern is a poor use of interfaces.”

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Max ESelectionService is available for direct injection. I think the approach has been chosen to allow to use service contacts without always having to create a separate annotation. I also believe this is not closed so if you would like to see certain qualifier annotations please suggest this on the e4 mailing list.

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