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Leaving America

My temporary re-assignment to the US is ending this week; time to think about what I liked. I believe the greatest thing was to experience a different culture together with my family. I also learned how fast time passes by. … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.0 is different & Mascot stories

What if you want to make a good first impression and show how different Eclipse 4.0 really is? How helpful is the following splash screen in this quest? Lets replace this splash with something “cooler” for example this: To do … Continue reading

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Confessions of a public speaker – My key takeaways

I recently finished the book “Confessions of a public speaker” which was recommended to me by Kim Moir. I also can recommend this book; as it contains very good advice (although some chapters for example “Lessions from my 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Making faces – How to display an image for all your blog comments

Have you ever wondered why some people have a friendly face when posting a blog comment while others seems to look quite anonymous? 😉 Here is one possible solution: Gravatar provides a service which allows you to use a single … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Eclipse Top Contributor Award

EclipseCon is almost a month ago and I would like to thank everyone for the honor of receiving the Eclipse Top Contributor Award 2010. A big thank you goes to the whole Eclipse community for being such a interesting and … Continue reading

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Slides from Eclipse e4 presentation at JUG San Francisco

Yesterday I had the honor to present Eclipse e4 at the JUG SF. I talked about the modeled workbench, renderer, CSS styling, DI and the services. For the presentation I re-used lots of material from the EclipseCon talk with Kai … Continue reading

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Eclipse p2 Composite Repositories – All the update sites you ever wanted

I frequently install new Integration builds from the website. Afterwards I used to maintain all my desired update sites, for example EGit and Mylyn and install my favorite packages. Fortunately I met Pascal Rapicault on EclipseCon and he gave … Continue reading

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Beginners Java challenge: Write “Hello” World”

We recently discussed with several people the fact the Eclipse IDE makes coding so simple that people actually lose the ability to write (Java) code without an IDE. So for the next few weeks I will post a few simple … Continue reading

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