Eclipse e4 M5 is out

Paul Webster announced today the availability of Eclipse e4 M5.

The e4 SDK zips and and the update site is available from:

The main highlights are improved XWT functionality and a significant improved compatibility layer for existing Eclipse 3.x plugins. Also the workbench model editor of Tom Schindl has been included in this release.

To see the full New and noteworthy:

For me this is really nice as I can use M5 tomorrow in my Eclipse e4 presentation in San Fransicso.

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6 Responses to Eclipse e4 M5 is out

  1. mwg says:

    Hi Lars,

    Congratulations, I will enjoy your website.

    If you were involved in a startup that is building a product based on the RCP – at what point would you start developing for e4?


  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @mwg This depends entirely on your risk taking williness. I’m porting some of my apps to e4 already.

  3. Konstantin Scheglov says:

    Unfortunately, bugs which I’ve opened for XWT, were not fixed in M5. 🙁

  4. Jigar shah says:

    I am little confused. whats difference on e4 and Helios ? Are changes form e4 are merged back to Helios ?

  5. Jigar shah says:

    Got it. e4 is sort of re write.

  6. Lars Vogel says:

    @Jigar: Some of the changes in e4 are merged back to 3.6, e.g. the flexible resources started in e4 and was merged back to 3.6.

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