Slides from Eclipse e4 presentation at JUG San Francisco

Yesterday I had the honor to present Eclipse e4 at the JUG SF. I talked about the modeled workbench, renderer, CSS styling, DI and the services.

For the presentation I re-used lots of material from the EclipseCon talk with Kai Toedter and Tom Schindl.

You find the complete slides here: Eclipse e4 Overview. And you can give e4 a try with the following tutorial Eclipse e4 tutorial.

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4 Responses to Slides from Eclipse e4 presentation at JUG San Francisco

  1. chris says:

    These css features and the new look and feel, will be fun to play with. Imho one big disadvantage that all apps based on eclipse (or swt) look the same.

  2. Madhu says:

    Excellent slides!

  3. GHad says:

    Sorry, e4 is sh*t, at least M5 I tried over the weekend. You may can create other e4 based programs with ease but you cannot program Java with this IDE, at least not yet:

    – Perspectives are broken, no dragging views around, no easy way to switch them
    – Refactoring is broken, after renaming a class there is still an open View for the old file
    – It is SLOW, 15 sec to create a class on a x3 2.9 GHz with 4GB RAM and an SSD?
    – No Stop button, some javaw Process still runned yesterday although I closed e4 Saturday
    – There are so many broken Details like no maximize for console, no toolbar, formating does not work, ….

    If they cannot fix Eclipse for Java Developers, NetBeans here I come.


  4. Lars Vogel says:

    @GHad e4 has two version, one based on e4 and one based on 3.6. Try the 3.6 one that is much more stable.

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