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Eclipse e4 Presentation @ Java Forum Stuttgart

If you are joining the Java Forum Stuttgart on the 01. July, I will be talking about Eclipse e4. While the slides will be in English my talk will be in German. Hope to see you there.

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The next e4 killer feature? JDT on the move

Some people say that the Eclipse support for alternative JVM based languages is not best in class. Therefore I think it is great news that Olivier Thomann from the JDT team indicated that might open up JDT to better support … Continue reading

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Eclipse RCP Tutorial updated to Helios

I’m happy to announce that I updated the Eclipse RCP Tutorial to Helios. Looking at the revision history I was (again) surprised that I maintain this tutorial since Sep. 2007. This time I made a full cycle; I tried not … Continue reading

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Eclipse 3.6 styling with CSS and the ThemeManager

Tom Schindl and Kai Tödter already blogged about the new Eclipse e4 ThemeManager. If you want to use the Eclipse ThemeManager and CSS Styling in Eclipse 3.6 you find an adjusted example “org.eclipse.e4.ui.examples.css.rcp” in the e4 repository. This example demonstrates … Continue reading

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Eclipse Democamp Mannheim – Impressions

Yesterday we had the Eclipse Democamp Mannheim organized by the JUG Mannheim. Despite having a temperature of more then 30 Celsius approx. 60 people showed up and enjoyed the talks about RAP, EGit, Eclipse Memory Analyser, redView, UML Lab, Eclipse … Continue reading

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Eclipse projects – The nature of things

Did you ever wounder what defines if a project is “pure” Java project or a Plugin project? Have a look at the “.project” file. This file contains the description of your project. It contains a XML tag “natures” where the … Continue reading

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A week in the life using EGit

I decided to give EGit a try and use it for one of my pet projects for a week. As most of you know EGit is the Eclipse plugin for Git, the distributed version control system (DVCS) invented by Linus … Continue reading

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Junes Challenge – Updating Tutorials to Eclipse 3.6

Keep my tutorials up with the Eclipse release flow is a time-consuming activity. As Eclipse 3.6 is approaching this month challenge is to update (some) of my Eclipse tutorials to Eclipse 3.6. In my experience it is important to give … Continue reading

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