A week in the life using EGit

I decided to give EGit a try and use it for one of my pet projects for a week. As most of you know EGit is the Eclipse plugin for Git, the distributed version control system (DVCS) invented by Linus Torvalds.

My overall impression of EGit is good.

In the process of testing EGit I created a bunch of bug reports, some of them real bugs, others feature requests and others most likely misunderstandings on my side. I collected my bugs reports in this list; in case someone is interested.

That I really like about Egit is that you can Add and commit at the same time. It is also great that as of a few days “fast forward” merge in EGit works. Now lets hope for the true merge. 🙂 See git-merge for the differences.

I think the UI need some more simplification so that normal users will be able to use it. See Fetch/Push dialog needs to be grossly simplified.
For me personally I think the Synchronization Feature is really critical; fortunately this is already covered by a GSoC project. Also I find the missing keybindings distracting.

Would I recommend using EGit for production projets at this stage? Difficult question….

I personally will definitely use it for some of my personal projects in the hope that my testing helps the EGit project. I think it would be benefical for the Eclipse eco-system if Eclipse has strong support for Git.

To get started with Git and EGit I created / updated the following tutorials:

Git Tutorial
EGit Tutorial

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2 Responses to A week in the life using EGit

  1. Thanks for your support.

    I’m confident we will 1.0 by the end of the year and most people will be happy 😉

  2. Yes, synchronization is really critical for any UI for a version control system. In Git this is quite tricky because we should handle more use cases than in CVS/SVN plugins.

    I think that in next few days I’ll blog about current status of my work on EGit Synchronization. I think that this would be a great opportunity to have a small discussion about it.

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