Eclipse Democamp Mannheim – Impressions

Yesterday we had the Eclipse Democamp Mannheim organized by the JUG Mannheim.

Despite having a temperature of more then 30 Celsius approx. 60 people showed up and enjoyed the talks about RAP, EGit, Eclipse Memory Analyser, redView, UML Lab, Eclipse e4 and Usus (a code checker tool). We also had several visitors which traveled quite a bit (for example from Dortmund, Saarbruecken and Kassel) to join the event.

Here a very photos about the event.

The room was packed.

Benjamin Muskalla about the news in Eclipse 3.6 RAP.

Jens Baumgart demonstrating EGit.

Markus Kohler showing Eclipse MAT:

Ekkehard Gentz delivering an overview of redView:

Manuel Bork with the UML Labs tools.

Nicole Rauch and Marc Philipp presenting their code checker tool USUS.

I demonstrated Eclipse e4 but have no photos to prove that. 😉

Many thanks to the presenters Benjamin Muskalla, Jens Baumgart, Markus Kohler, Ekkehard Gentz, Manuel Bork and Nicole Rauch and Marc Philipp and to everyone who joined the event.

In case you joined the event, please leave a comment letting us know what you think about the first JUG Mannheim Eclipse Democamp.

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3 Responses to Eclipse Democamp Mannheim – Impressions

  1. Peter says:

    Sorry, but in my opinion it is totally useless, to have all the organisation preparation work in English, when the talks are in German. Sorry, I don’t get that!

    A bit less confusing were the slides in English. I could only understand, if these were published or presented anywhere else.

    What would you do, if there would be non-German audience? Should they ask loudy to have the talks in English? To me, all this English stuff seems to be pomposity. Furthermore, writing this critic in English, although you, all other organisation staff and me are German, is even more absurd…

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Peter Thanks for the feedback. Next time we will communicate it clearly that it is up for the speaker to decided if he or she will present in english.

  3. Ray Beyer says:

    Thanks for this event! I think you guys did a great job by getting together all the interesting stuff. My personal favorites where Usus and the UML lab tools. However: a great view on actual development.

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