Eclipse 3.6 styling with CSS and the ThemeManager

Tom Schindl and Kai Tödter already blogged about the new Eclipse e4 ThemeManager. If you want to use the Eclipse ThemeManager and CSS Styling in Eclipse 3.6 you find an adjusted example “org.eclipse.e4.ui.examples.css.rcp” in the e4 repository. This example demonstrates the usage of the ThemeManager and Theme switching during runtime in Eclipse 3.6.

This is the colorful example. In case you are impressed with the design I would like to mention that I designed it myself. 😉

For the German Eclipse fans their will be an article in an upcoming Eclipse Magazin describing in detail how to set this up.

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6 Responses to Eclipse 3.6 styling with CSS and the ThemeManager

  1. Kai Tödter says:

    I am very impressed by your colorful design, Lars. It looks even more impressive through my red/blue 3d glasses 🙂

  2. Markus says:

    Hi Lars,
    I’m really impressed 🙂
    anyway the eclipse rcp version <= 3.6 (3.5; 3.4, 3.2) could do this way ?
    Miss posting steps to css is up on rcp.

  3. Lars Vogel says:

    @Markus: I have only tried to use it with Eclipse 3.6.

  4. PhiLho says:

    Wow, impressive design skills! Reminds me of early Visual Basic programs (“Hey, I can make this control of any color!”)… 🙂

    But anyway, this is interesting, looks like Eclipse is taking GUI ideas from Firefox?

  5. Alexandra N says:

    This is so cool!

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