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Eclipse 4.0 Application Platform – Tutorial Updated

As you know the Eclipse 4.0 SDK is out. It also appears in discussions that some people don’t think Eclipse e4 is a good idea. Other people seem to like it. To help you to decide yourself I updated my … Continue reading

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Speak like a native – How to use native code (Windows DLL) in OSGi

As you know the OSGi Framework enforces strong modularity. This also applies to native library code, e.g. a Windows DLL. To make your DLL available in the context of OSGi you have to use the Bundle-NativeCode section in MANIFEST.MF. For … Continue reading

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Eclipse e4 git mirror

After some time and effort mainly by Denis Roy and Bernhard Merkle the e4 git mirrors are working. You find the e4 repos listed Eclipes Git overview. EGit is also kind enough to be able to import all the projects … Continue reading

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Eclipse e4 @ Java Forum Stuttgart – Impressions

I had the pleasure to present Eclipse e4 on the Java Forum Stuttgart on the 1 of July. It was really nice to have lots of people showing interest. I also quite happy that the audience gave good feedback regarding … Continue reading

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Shiny new world? – new Eclipse 4.0 Splash

Susan F. McCourt created a new splash screen for Eclipse 4.0 via Bug report. I quite happy to see this change, after almost a decade of watching the old one it is refreshing to see something new. What do you … Continue reading

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NPE in e4 – ds missing in action

I saw this question asked several times, therefore I think a short blog entry might help in solving a common e4 launch problem. If you run e4 you need to include the declaritive service implementation into your launch config. If … Continue reading

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All the postal codes you ever wanted

If you looking for a list of cities and postal codes for certain countries have a look at They also allow to download lists of postal codes. Thanks to Andrea Antonello for the tip via Twitter.

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Reading resources from a Eclipse plugin

Frequenty you want to store static files in your bundle and load them from your bundle. For this you can use the following code, of course replace the bundle id with your version: Alternatively you can also use URL directly. … Continue reading

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July Challenge and Retrospective – Tux Time

This month my challenge will be to use Ubuntu on my new home machine “Angelus”. I have been a heavy Linux user in the past, but evil corporations have forced me to use Windows over the last years. While … Continue reading

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