NPE in e4 – ds missing in action

I saw this question asked several times, therefore I think a short blog entry might help in solving a common e4 launch problem.

If you run e4 you need to include the declaritive service implementation into your launch config. If you don’t you currently receive the following NPE:

	at org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.E4CommandProcessor.processCommands(

If you face such an error, make sure org.eclipse.equinox.ds and org.eclipse.equinox.util are included in the launch config.

I hope that at some point a better error message will be issued. Please see Bug 318821 for details.

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7 Responses to NPE in e4 – ds missing in action

  1. This is also an issue with Eclipse 3.6.

    See this bug:


  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Aurelien I guess that is the drawback of using dynamic services…

  3. @Lars Yes it seems. But, at least, it would be helpful to have NoServiceException with the name of the required service instead of having NPE. And to go further, to have a “Add required services” or something like that ^^

  4. Lars Vogel says:

    @Aurelien NoServiceException would be great.

  5. Wolfgang Schell says:

    The second bundle name seems to be cut off

  6. Lars Vogel says:

    @Wolfgang: thanks I fixed the typo

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