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July Challenge Retroperspective – The tools that forge you

In July I announced that I will try to switch to Linux. I actually needed two months and a broken laptop to make the transition. The main reason for needing longer then expected is that I have files which I … Continue reading

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The JUG which lives – EGit presentation on 02.Sept. at the Majug

Since beginning of last year I participate more or less actively in the Java User Group Mannheim. Unfortunately the former main contact of the Java User Group Mannheim Alex Hanschke has moved out of the area. Benjamin Muskalla and myself … Continue reading

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Local Mylyn tasks distributed via git

I learned from Steffen Pingel and Ekkehard Gentz that Mylyn has the ability to save local tasks outside the workspace. This is hidden under advanced in the Preferences. This allows you to put your local tasks outside your workspace and … Continue reading

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Save your local Mylyn tasks

If you are using Eclipse you properly using Mylyn. I recently got a new machine and wanted to migrate my local Mylyn tasks from one computer to another. Local tasks stored in your workspace in .metadata/mylyn/ The context for local … Continue reading

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Cleaning up the workspace (without re-building)

If you ever wanted to copy the full workspace to another machine you may have noticed that a billion generated files (e.g. bin) are copied and that this takes a long time. If you start Eclipse with the -clean option … Continue reading

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As of now all tutorials contain a flattr button. Flattr is a mirco payment service which allows you to send money to free websites you like. If you are website producer you can put a flattr button on your … Continue reading

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Git – Cloning and pushing via https (Linux and Windows)

Unfortunately the Eclipse team provider EGit does currently not support to use HTTPS for cloning and pushing. Fortunately the Git command line supports this (under Linux without problems). If you are on Windows and if you are using msysGit then … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.0 Talk on 26.08 in Dresden / Germany

Are you around the Dresden area? If so it would be great if you join my presentation about Eclipse 4.0 / Eclipse e4. The german title roughly translates into “the unexpected simplicity of developing Eclipse plugin and Eclipse RCP applications”. … Continue reading

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Eclipse Semicolons Tales

Eclipse has the option to put the semicolon at the right place in your coding. For some very annoying reason my workspace had this feature disabled. In case you have the same activate it via the following:

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