Save your local Mylyn tasks

If you are using Eclipse you properly using Mylyn. I recently got a new machine and wanted to migrate my local Mylyn tasks from one computer to another.

Local tasks stored in your workspace in .metadata/mylyn/ The context for local tasks stored in .metadata/.mylyn/contexts… look for files labeled, these have the context. You can back up the entire Mylyn data directory and put it into the same place on your new computer.

Worked well for me!

Thanks to David Shepherd for the tip via twitter.

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4 Responses to Save your local Mylyn tasks

  1. ekke says:

    I’m always changing the location of Mylyn task data
    Preferences – Mylyn – Tasks – Advanced
    then its easy to share between workspaces or moving to other pcs etc.

    but its not really multi-user 😉 so some attention if 2 workspaces are using same data at same time


  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Ekke: Thanks, Steffen Pingel informed me also about this and I’m in process of preparing a blog entry about it.

  3. One of the examples included with the industrial SQL connector for Mylyn is a Derby Task Repository running locally using either the embedded or the shared driver. An advantage of using this over the standard local one is that you can set up your own fields and that it supports attachments. Check it out on:

    You can run this shared between workspaces without problems.

  4. Another simple solution is to use some free hosted bugs repository + mylyn connector (e.g. FogBugz for Students/Startups edition where you have 2 users for free + Foglyn connector which is also free for this FogBugz edition).

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