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Eclipse Development – In which plugin do I find this class?

A common question for Eclipse Plugin or Eclipse RCP developer is in which plugin a certain class is included. A very easy way for finding this information is the Open Type Dialog (Hotkey Ctrl + Shift +T). Just look in … Continue reading

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The unnecessary complexity of Git

Git is one of the greatest distributed version control system and EGit will pave the road to success for Git in the Eclipse world. But some things make the usage of Git difficult for new starters. I would like to … Continue reading

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Using Eclipse Templates to show off

Have you ever been in a software demo there the presenter was that fast with the editor that you were scared? He might have been using personal templates. Templates allow you to save a block of coding and insert it … Continue reading

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Android Introduction at MobilTechCon

This week I had the pleasure to give an introduction to Android Session at the MobilTechCon. The conference was well organized, had great speakers and an excellent oppertunity to network. My slides are available on slideshare: Android Programming made easy. … Continue reading

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Viewpoints – Output all Eclipse views your are using

I received the question how someone could see all available views. This is easy, Eclipse 3.x allows access to the current available views via PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getViewRegistry(). For example this command handler prints out the ID’s of all available views.

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