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Git Alias – git add -A and git commit in one command

In in 95% of my time I type “git add . -A” directly followed by “git commit -m “message” in the Git version control system. That is a lot of typing for a very common case. Fortunately git allows to … Continue reading

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Build a “Management” Chat Bot in 5 steps with Google AppEngine

Google AppEngine provides very cool features. One of these features is the XMPP API, that allows you to write apps that can interact with users through XMPP clients, e.g. Jabber or GTalk. Here’s a quick description how to create a … Continue reading

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Making the Android source code available in Eclipse

One of the annoying things in the Android Development Kit is that it does not include the source code for the standard Android classes. This makes it IMHO unnecessary hard to learn the Android platform. Of course there is a … Continue reading

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Eclipse e4 – Creating a new part dynamically

Eclipse e4 allows to create application elements dynamically. The following is a small example how to create a part dynamically in a handler. This assumes that you have a class “de.vogella.e4.modelservice.part.NewPart” defined in plugin “de.vogella.e4.modelservice”. The nice thing of this … Continue reading

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Eclipse e4 and the EModelService

One of the nicest things in my option in Eclipse e4 is that you have access to the model at runtime and can change it. To get access to the model you can use dependency injection to get the related … Continue reading

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