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SWT Style Bits – Bitwise Or and Bitwise And

Ever wondered how SWT Style bits work? It is actually very simple. The style bits are a multitud of 2 SWT.NONE = 0, // 00000000 binary SWT.MULTI = 2, // 00000010 binary SWT.SINGLE = 4; // 00000100 binary SWT.READ_ONLY = … Continue reading

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12 Questions to determine if you are happy at work

I just finished the the audio book “1st Break all the rules”. I really liked their catelog of question to determine if someone is happy at work. Here is the list: 1.) Do I know what is expected of me … Continue reading

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Translating Android applications – i18n

If you are using resources in your Android application translating your text into another language simple involves creating a new values folder with the required language extension. Copy any existing file into your new folder and translate them. For example … Continue reading

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Eclipse Papercut #7 – Adding the PDE Plugin creation wizard to the Eclipse toolbar

Its been a while since I wrote my last Eclipse papercut blog entry. Today I demonstrate how to add the PDE wizard for creating new plugins to the Eclipse toolbar. I personally create plugin projects on a regular basis therefore … Continue reading

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Google App Engine and JPA

Using JPA on the Google AppEngine is straight forward. For some reason the documentation on the official Google App Engine side is not very easy to read therefore a little example here. Create a new web project “de.vogella.gae.persistence.jpa”. Change the … Continue reading

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January Challenge – Reduce Article Reading Backlog

The challenge of this month will be to reduce my reading backlog. I tend to pile up articles and magazins which I want to have a closer look. Unfortunately this pile is constantly growing. Therefore this month: 1.) I plan … Continue reading

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Plans for 2011

Beginning of 2010 I decided that I should focus on some programing topics. I believe this worked out quite well excepted looking at Apache Hadoop which I didn’t find the time to look at. For the year 2011 my focus … Continue reading

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