Plans for 2011

Beginning of 2010 I decided that I should focus on some programing topics. I believe this worked out quite well excepted looking at Apache Hadoop which I didn’t find the time to look at.

For the year 2011 my focus list is:
Eclipse RCP
Google App Engine
New in this list is HTML5 which I figure I should get very familiar with.

I’m also planning to revive my challenge of the month series in which I try to do something different or to get something done in a certain month.

Of course I have lots of little things to do but this focus list and my monthly focus topics should help me setting priorities. This is very important for me as there always seems to be the next great framework, tooling, language around the corner.

Do you have any technical plans for 2011 which you like to share?

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Lars Vogel is the founder and CEO of the vogella GmbH and works as Eclipse and Android consultant, trainer and book author. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, He is the primary author of With more than one million visitors per month this website is one of the central sources for Java, Eclipse and Android programming information.
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3 Responses to Plans for 2011

  1. Aviral says:

    Apply Hadoop to business to business and explore

  2. Dan says:


    simple question: what do you think about Amazon S3 vs GAE? I know that GAE is free for small usage, but its reliability isn’t good enough to support a small business.. what’s your primary thought about it?


  3. Lars Vogel says:

    @Dan this depends on lots of factors and cannot be generally answered. Try it out and build your own opinion.

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