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Android – Hidding the status and title bar of your application

An Android application provides a titlebar. The Android platform provides a statusbar. If you desire to hide them you can do this either via code or via the theme setting in your “AndroidManifest.xml”. To hide the titlebar of your application … Continue reading

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Registering for Android Intents – Being a crappy browser

One of the most powerful concepts of Android Development is that you can send asynchronously messages to other activities and services via Intents. The standard case is that you specify the intent you want to call and then Android starts … Continue reading

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Disassemble Android dex files

The Android platform cames with a handy disassembler tool, called “dexdump”. You find this in your Android SDK installation directory in the folder”platform-tools”. This allows you to create the Dalvik Virtual Machine bytecode from a dex file. If you are … Continue reading

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How to compile LibreOffice on Ubuntu

LibreOffice tries to do what never managed well. It tries to make code contributions easy and tries to grow the developer community. One important thing to attract new developer is to make it easy to compile the code. I … Continue reading

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Using Android Wakelock – Staying up all night long

One of the think you as an Android developer should properly not do is prevent the Android system from shutting down certain components to save energy. But sometimes you need to prevent the system from sleeping, e.g. during an important … Continue reading

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Google App Engine and sending Emails

One of the nice things in the Google App Engine is that is it very easy to work with emails. You can send out and receive emails in your servlets. Lets demonstrate this by defining an application which allows the … Continue reading

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