How to compile LibreOffice on Ubuntu

LibreOffice tries to do what never managed well. It tries to make code contributions easy and tries to grow the developer community.

One important thing to attract new developer is to make it easy to compile the code. I think LibreOffice makes it really easy, at least on Ubuntu. Here is the sequence of commands which you need on a Ubuntu 10.04 version.

sudo apt-get build-dep 
sudo apt-get install libgnome-vfsmm-2.6-dev

git clone git:// libo
cd libo
./ --without-junit
make dev-install

After some time you find a runable installation of libreoffice in “install/program” directory. Start for example the writer with “./swriter”

I think that is pretty easy and I hope that the LibreOffice team will be successful in attracting new developers. Good luck to the project!

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2 Responses to How to compile LibreOffice on Ubuntu

  1. “on a Ubuntu 04.10 version.”

    Did you say: Ubuntu 10.04?

    And how many time to compile it?

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    Yes, thanks, Ubuntu 10.04. I compiled over night, so I don’t know the exact time.

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