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Creating Android applications via the command line and Apache Ant

Android projects can be created either with the ADT Plugin for Eclipse or via the command line. This blog entry explains how to do this via the command line. You find the related command line program “android” in the folder … Continue reading

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Android – Hacking layouts

One common mis-understanding seem to be that Android starters seem to think that a layout can only be defined via a XML resource. While this is the most common way of defining a layout in most cases you can also … Continue reading

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Android – Making efficient layouts

Android Programming is a lot about efficiency to have snappy user interfaces. The Android SDK provides two nice tools to help building efficient UI’s. In the tools directory you find the tools: layoutopt and hierarchyviewer. layoutopt is a command line … Continue reading

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Android library projects – Renting some code

Android does not require that all source code used by one application is directly included into this application., Android library projects allow to store source code which is used by several other Android projects. Library projects cannot be compiled to … Continue reading

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May Challenge – Using less Google Analytics

This months challenge will be to use less Google Analytics and the like. I’m currently looking at the data at least daily which I believe is a waste of time. Hence I try to reduce this usage this month. I … Continue reading

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