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Importing existing Java Project into Eclipse – “Create project from existing source”

Are you trying to import a non-Eclipse based Java project into Eclipse? You find a lot of tips in the internet which tell you that you should create a new Java Project and then use the “Create project from existing … Continue reading

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One of a kind – getting the unique id which identifies the Android device

Each Android devices allow to read the device settings via the class “Secure”. Especially for C2DM you have a need to uniquely identify the Android device so that you do not register the device several times for Cloud-to-device-messaging. From the … Continue reading

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The penalty is death – StrictMode in Android

Within Android development you should avoid performing long running operations on the UI thread. This includes file and network access. But sometimes it is difficult to remember to make all the right things in your application during development. That is … Continue reading

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