Mylyn Github Connector

Just in case you missed it, there is a prototype for a Mylyn and Github connector available. Please see for the official announcement.

Installing the connector is pretty straight forward you can directly install it from the Eclipse Marketplace client. The only pre-requisite is that you add the Orbit repository and install “Gson” from the* category (thanks to Christian Trutz for the tip on twitter).

Importing your issues is as easy as File -> Import -> Tasks -> Github Task Repositories and then you can define new queries for this repository.

The first test unfortunately failed. During a submit of a new issue with the error “Submit failed: Unexpected error: Unprocessable Entry”.

Still the connector looks very promissing. Git is my favorite version control system and I love Github. Its great that soon Mylyn will also to share issues and ther context via GitHub.

I suggest you give it a test run. If you find issues you can report them in bugzilla: Mylyn EGit Connector.

Update: The bug is already fixed, looks like testing will get your bugs solved fast. 🙂

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