Installing mod_pagespeed on Ubuntu

mod_pagespeed is an Apache HTTP module which is supposed to do a lot of website performance optimization before sending it to the browser. For details please check mod_pagespeed docs or the Google IO talk (Make the web faster) about this topic.

Installing on Ubuntu is simple, please see Download site and explanation. Please note that the example below uses the 64bit version.

dpkg -i mod-pagespeed-*.deb
apt-get -f install

This will add the Google repository to your system so an apt-get update & upgrade will keep mod_pagespeed up to date.

A quick check with showed that it speeds up significantly. I used my Android tutorial as example.

Without the module:

  Load Time  First Byte   Start Render 
First View   13.417s   0.385s   1.377s  
Repeat View   3.006s   0.380s   0.766s  

With the module activated:

  Load Time  First Byte   Start Render 
First View   8.980s   0.380s   1.270s  
Repeat View   2.441s   0.389s   0.792s  

Pretty cool performance improvements for 5 minutes of installation effort. 🙂

Thanks to Google for making the web faster. I hope this module gets contributed to the Apache HTTP server.

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  1. Gibbs says:

    Just installed this on our server. Awesome, especially for those sites we haven’t managed to get around to optimising.

    Cheers Lars

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