Eclipse Indigo – My top 5 minor features

Ian Bull did his Top 10 Features where he discuss the great new stuff in Eclipse Indigo.

I tend to value the little things which makes my life easier. So here is my list of things which will help me in my daily work:

1.) Lightweight resource refresh on access

This is big for me. Nothing was more annoying then the “File did change, press F5″ to refresh” you received once you tried to open a file which had been changed. Now you can tell Eclipse to do this automatically for you via Preferences > General > Workspace and select Refresh on access.

2.) Mylyns Alt+click Replacement

Mylyn makes it not much easier to display the filtered children via a plug button. Very nice and helpful for my daily work as I use Mylyn a lot.

3.) Allow Actions to retire

Bug report fixed the necessity to use the ActionFactory to make certain commands usable. While this is may sound like a tiny thing, I personally believe it will make learing and teaching Eclipse RCP easier for the participants. Special thanks to Prakash G. R. for fixing this.

4.) JDT Unavoidable generic type problems

It is really annoying to see warnings for things you cannot not change. A new compiler option has been added that suppresses unavoidable generic type problems.

5.) Improved spelling

Dani Megert picked up lots of spelling suggestions for Eclipse 3.7 so that Eclipse doesn’t show these words as incorrect. Please see the
Bug report for details. Again this seem like just like a tiny thing, but I found it annoying that Eclipse wasn’t aware of terms like “Internet” or “Android”. We still miss “Committer”, lets hope for the next release.

So in total not necessary the biggest changes but all things will help me or make me feel better about using Eclipse.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in these changes.

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  1. Robert Konigsberg says:

    Lars, this is nice. Lightweight refresh and Unavoidable generic type problems? Great!

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