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Android: how to filter a ListView based on an EditText field

Android has very good support for displaying lists via the Android ListView class. A typical setup for a list is that you want to have a filter field on the top of your list and this input into this field … Continue reading

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Android Shapes – Example

In Android you can use Shape Drawables to define background, borders and gradients for your Views. You find the possible types here. To define a shape create a XML file in your drawable folder. For example: Assign it for example … Continue reading

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Android: Activity Lifecycle and Threads

Android is allowed to destroy your activity at anytime. Also a configuration change will restart your activity to load the right resources for this configuration. If you use Threads in your Android program you should save them. Nothing is more … Continue reading

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Eclipse Launcher – command line statement for starting your program

Eclipse allow you to start your program via the launcher framework which is very powerful and makes life simple. Sometimes you want to see the command line which Eclipse uses to start your program. Especially if the program does not … Continue reading

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Challenge of the Month (July) & Retroperspective – Learn basic InkScape

Challenge: This month challenge is to develop some basic skills in ImageMagick. I have seen Sergej Shafarenka creating beautiful Android Mockups with it and I figure I should spend some time learning it. Lets see how this goes, so far … Continue reading

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