Challenge of the Month (July) & Retroperspective โ€“ Learn basic InkScape


This month challenge is to develop some basic skills in ImageMagick. I have seen Sergej Shafarenka creating beautiful Android Mockups with it and I figure I should spend some time learning it. Lets see how this goes, so far I was a little bit proud of my missing drawing skills. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Last month challenge was a big success. I reduced my email to zero pending emails within the month. I focused on both ends, reducing new incoming email and getting ride of existing. Here is what I did to reduce incoming emails:

  1. De-registered from newsletters I never read.
  2. Tried to reduce sending out emails as this create a lot of “backtraffic”.
  3. Applied some spam protection to the Google Group. People have now to answer a simple question to join the group. Amazing how many fail answering.

To reduce the existing stack I went every day fishing for emails to solve. This included deleting outdated emails but mostly adjusting tutorials as I didn’t want to leave helpful feedback wasted. I learned that often it takes only a little bit more time to actually solve the issue rather then reading it briefly and deciding to do it later.

The other stack of email I had were “task emails” which I send to myself to remind me of something. I have converted them to tasks which I keep separate from my emails.

Having almost no open email feels good, I try to keep it this way. But trying to archive it every day feels a bit extreme. I will target to have no email longer then a week in the inbox.

Btw: A good video about email efficiency can be found here: Inbox Zero from Merlin Mann

[Update 04.07.2011] Ups, I mean to write InkScape instead of ImageMagick -> corrected.

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4 Responses to Challenge of the Month (July) & Retroperspective โ€“ Learn basic InkScape

  1. I hope you rather adde spam protection over production ;).

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Oliver: Thanks, corrected.

  3. jellboi says:

    Hey Lars, My comment is quite weird and not related to the post, but I just want to ask you, How you manage your time in doing all lot of stuff-Android, java, eclipse, GWT, web, Algorithms, …. and ofcourse blogging…

  4. Lars Vogel says:

    @jellboi ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I spent lot of time on this stuff.

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