September Challenge of the month and retropective – Running out of Juice

I recently read about the fatty degeneration of the world. According to my reading material a huge percentage of the population in most countries is overweighed; even in third-world countries more people are overweighted then people which are suffering from hunger. I dind’t know that.

I also didn’t really know that in some cases this is due to the huge increase of soft drink consumption. The paper gave Mexico as an example where lot of Coca-Cola is consumed and let to a huge increase in over-weighted people in Mexico.

Therefore as this challenge of the month I decided to avoid drinking juice, soft-drink, energy drinks, sweeted coffee and the like. Soft-drinks are not really a problem for me, but I really like drinking orange-juice (especially with pulp) so this will be a bit difficult for me. Lets see how this goes.

Regarding my July challenge: I completely failed. I think I opened InkScape once for 10 mins. I need to revist his again at some point in time.

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