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Feature Request #1 – Syntax Highlighting finally done

I receive requently of requests for help, for new tutorials and for certain features on my website. The one request I constantly receive since approx. 4 years is that my tutorial should use syntax highlighting for the code. I finally … Continue reading

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Eclipse Secure storage of preferences

Eclipse allows to encrypt preference values via the plugin “”. The key/ value pairs will be stored in the file “” in the folder “.eclipse/” of the user directory. Eclipse uses a PasswordProvider for encrypting the preferences. Via the extension … Continue reading

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Android – How to get an image via an intent

Android allows to re-use components from other applications. Lets see how you can use the Photo Gallery to pick a photo for your application. First create a layout with a Button and an ImageView. The following Activity will allow you … Continue reading

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Eclipse default line length of 80 chars outdated?

Today I write to get your opinion. I believe defaults are important as few developers take the time to change them and in a distributed team it is often the easiest to stay with the default settings. As we all … Continue reading

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