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Plurals in Android

Android supports Plurals. Plurals are XML based resources which allow to handle different quantities. This way you can select the right text based on the quantity. In your XML file you specify values for the quantities “zero”, “one”, “two”, “many”, … Continue reading

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Eclipse //TODO in generated coding – Is this useful?

I just returned from Devoxx, a really nice conference. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I also had the oppertunity to talk one influential developer, who shall remain unnamed. He told me why he prefers IntelliJ … Continue reading

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Distributed Version Control with Git available for the Kindle

Today I released my first book for the Kindle platform: Distributed Version Control with Git. Git is popular, especially in my main focus areas, Eclipse and Android. Since a while I’m working in converting my tutorials into offline versions. The … Continue reading

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Eclipse – Setting the default perspective via config.ini

A quick tip for the Eclipse IDE (and also useful for Eclipse RCP). You can use the “config.ini” (in your Eclipse installation folder) to define a perspective. For example the following in config.ini will set the default perspective to the … Continue reading

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Challenge of the month and retroperspective – Getting offline

This challenge of this month will be a publish something for the Kindle on I played with the thought and the technology to convert tutorials from into E-books for a while now and I think I should give … Continue reading

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