Eclipse – Setting the default perspective via config.ini

A quick tip for the Eclipse IDE (and also useful for Eclipse RCP). You can use the “config.ini” (in your Eclipse installation folder) to define a perspective.

For example the following in config.ini will set the default perspective to the resource perspective.


Make sure to add this before the JVM options.

For find the perspective ID you can use the Plugin menu spy.

You find all possible startup parameters listed The Eclipse runtime options

Hope this helps.

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One Response to Eclipse – Setting the default perspective via config.ini

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Lars,

    i m new to java, jsf with those complicated things such as derby, tomcat, this and that,
    but everything u write here helped me alot.

    I didnt even know how to setup my eclipse, i couldnt start working building a webportal for my bachelor thesis,
    with your help now i m ready with local server, derby database and so on.

    Your pieces of work really worth of donation.

    I really like your blog.

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