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Leaving SAP – Into the Wild

After 10+1 years, I decided to leave SAP. What did I do at SAP in these 11 years? I have been acting in the role of Implementation Consultant, Process Consultant, Trainer Developer, Project Development Team Lead, Integration Architect, Escalation Manager, … Continue reading

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Eclipse IDE 3.7 Book available for the Kindle

Today I released my new Eclipse IDE 3.7 book for the Kindle device. Eclipse IDE 3.7 Fundamentals of Java Programming, Debugging, JUnit Testing and Mylyn Tasks with Eclipse This book demonstrates how you can develop Java applications, how you can … Continue reading

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Automatically starting Services in Android after booting

To start Services automatically after the Android system starts you can register a BroadcastReceiver to the Android android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED system event. In the onReceive() method the corresponding BroadcastReceiver would then start the service. If you application is installed on the SD … Continue reading

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How to remove the //TODO comments from auto-generated code

Eclipse Code Templates are great. Unfortunately they add lots of comments for stuff I don’t like: If you also don’t like the TODO comments you can change the templates via: Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Code … Continue reading

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Recently I received lots of requests for translating my tutorials into other languages or if my tutorials can be used in Universitity classes. In general I’m fine with that as long as the usage is non-commercial and attribution is given. … Continue reading

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December Challenge of the month and retroperspective – The eye of the storm

Last month challenge was a big success. I published my first ebook: Distributed Version Control with Git. I also have several other articles which I’m in the process of converting them also to ebooks. I really enjoyed the process and … Continue reading

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